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5 Benefits of SOC in a BOX: Advanced IT Security Tools With No Up-Front Costs

Smarttech is proud to launch its newest service offering, SOC in a Box that expands the current product portfolio bringing advanced threat detection and mitigation capabilities to small and medium businesses and branch offices. SOC in a Box is a Plug and Play, SOC as a Service solution, which includes 24/7 security monitoring services using […]

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WannaCry/Wcry Ransomware: How To Defend Against It

A ransomware worm called “WannaCry” has infected more than 100,000 computer systems in 104 countries since Friday, with Russia, Ukraine, and Taiwan being the top targets and the attack is still ongoing. Along with our peers in the industry, Smarttech’s Threat Research Team has been actively analysing the malware and its threats. The WannaCry ransomware needs […]

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Quick Guide: How To Stay Up-to-Date On Security Trends

3 Major Cybersecurity Trends in 2017 Smarttech

Cyber Security is a fast-moving topic and what we have come across lately is that staying up to date can be challenging, especially in a busy environment. However, keeping informed on the latest security threats will help you apply more effective defense strategies and also help you educate your users by spreading the word about attacks and […]

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What To Expect At Zero Day Con

Ireland’s largest CIO/CISO gathering is about to take place next week and is gaining excitement from senior IT Executives all around. If you are attending the conference on March 7th in the Dublin convention centre, here is what you can expect:   International expert speakers Organisers of the event are keen to have the most […]

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Week Review: Feb 1 – Feb 5

  Last week was very busy in terms of infosec news. Here are couple of events that we would like to share with you: Dark Web: Hacked One of the largest TOR hosting service Freedom Hosting 2 got hacked by the well-known group Anonymous. This is a major part of the dark web as researchers say that it was […]

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Week in review

Cybersecurity is something that is constantly changing due to the nature, speed and sophistication of attacks. We have put together a quick list of last week’s cybersecurity events. LeakedSource, one of the popular services providing information about data breaches has been closed down. Differently to a trusted and well known in the industry website,, LeakedSource discloses […]

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Sophisticated Attack on Gmail Accounts. Don’t Get Caught!

A new type of attack on Gmail showed up that can fool even IT pros: “This is the closest I’ve ever come to falling for a Gmail phishing attack. If it hadn’t been for my high-DPI screen making the image fuzzy…” @tomscott The phishing email The attack begins like many of its type – with a […]

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New Sophisticated Ransomware: Spora

There’s a new ransomware in town and it’s designed to be very easy to use. It’s called Spora and it is no different than the ransomware we have heard about these past few years. It infects a system, encrypts its files and then the attackers demand a ransom. However, Spora has some unique characteristics as […]

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Koovla: Want To Learn How To Prevent Malware Infection? Then Get Infected…

We are continually trying to improve our knowledge on the best steps to take to prevent cyber-attacks, including Ransomware. A new malware has been created that requests that the victim to read two articles on how to stay safe from Malware. This ransomware is called Koovla. Koovla creates a text line by line on the […]

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